What is hnc?

As the name suggests, hnc is a treatment method that works with human (Human), nervous system (Neuro) and its regulatory circuits (Cybernetics + brain).
It is based on elements of different therapies that have an abundance of experience throughout hundred of years.

So is for example very gentle chiropractic used as well as, cranio-sacral therapy, osteopathy, sacro-occipital technique (S.O.T.), traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture and more.
The main features of hnc were provided by Dr. med. Carl Ferreri from New York / USA, who developed the Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.).
The findings of Dr. med. Ferreri and his own experience with many patients led to the development of hnc – human neuro cybrainetics® in 1998.