Possible solution

What happens in therapy?

The hnc therapist specifically reorganizes the nervous system (protective programs will be released) so that the control circuits can work undisturbed again. He then proceeds according to a logical concept dictated by the body. In many cases, the desired changes can be achieved simply, quickly and sustainable through precisely coordinated combination of different treatment methods.

How does this work?

First of all, muscle tests through kinesiology determine which control circuits are no longer functioning correctly. This means that in case of stress, the muscle reacts with a short “shut down” or yielding. The muscle test allows the body to tell immediately which stress factors are present. Now the appropriate muscles, reflex and acupuncture points, bone and other “trigger” points are addressed so that the nervous system is in a normal stimulus processing again.

Tension and mobility of the muscles change and with them the entire posture. Old patterns of behavior break up, the spiritual, mental and physical balance is restored.