• Strong facial pain / Chapped bleeding hands / Great fatigue

    For weeks, I suffered from pain in the right side of my face. They began in my teeth and rose up to my ear and temple. I took high-dosed painkillers daily and ended up with five a day. Several visits to various doctors remained without results. (Those who have not experienced this pain, can not imagine how intensely the nerves react and make it even hard to breathe)

    I remembered, my neighbor telling me years ago about a “hnc therapy”. During the hnc therapy, it soon became apparent that a zoster virus had muted and the therapy improved until the pain finally disappeared altogether.

    The therapy showed further positive changes, my hands, since childhood extremely dry, which despite using cream often, were so cracked that they bled. Now it is enough if I use cream once before going to sleep. They feel softer and smoother and do not bleed anymore. Also, my fatigue improved through the treatment of HNC therapy. This must be related to my thyroid gland, an imbalance was detected during therapy. I generally feel better and I am very impressed and thankful for what natural medicine can accomplish without having to burden my body with or through chemicals.

    Thank you for the effective work and for the gentle and natural way of treatment!

    Sandra Taccone