• Shock condition, excessive sweating

    “After a robbery at my house, I did not feel well ‘in my skin’ anymore. I had the impression that my body was still under shock. When it did not get better after 14 days, I had my first appointment with Mrs. Weisshaar. During the first session already shereleased blockages and after the third session my body was back in balance. Since it worked that well, we went after another problem that had been around for years. Since about my mid-20s I was sweating heavily under my arms. Not only in the summer – even during the winter when I was actually freezing. During the treatment, Borrelia were detected that had nested in my body. Those were not so easy to remove, but finally not be found anymore. Now I have been free of complaints for almost a year – at least I’m sweating to an extent that I would call normal and common. ”
    Ms. Müller, 36 years