• Sexual disorder

    I am 50y. old and since 15years with my husband.
    With 30, I had to undergo abdominal surgery (changes in the lining of the uterus,
    Fibroids, curettage after miscarriage, cysts, endometriosis, removal of
    the fibroids, then the scars, then the uterus, and finally the ovaries in 2016).
    When I met my husband, we had a good sex life for the first 6 years. Then again abdominal surgery with well-known post OP, a six week
    rehabilitation due to wound healing. My husband, always understanding, offered me his full support.
    However, my abdomen did not recover.
    I was in a lot of pain and trying to have intercourse added to the pain.

    It was as if nothing was stirring. Bladder and bowel were okay, but everything
    else dried out, emotionally and otherwise
    The years went by and different approaches (psychology, trauma therapy,
    Homeopathy) did not help. After 8 years of almost complete abstinence my husband became desperate and the marriage endangered.
    Since I’m a physiotherapist myself I knew already about other topics of hnc
    I was convinced, it would be worthwhile to try, also in terms of
    my libido.

    The success was so overwhelming that it is like a miracle.
    I feel like new born and, by the way, it has saved my marriage!
    I am so grateful !
    Jessica L.