• Bedwetting …

    The hnc treatment by Ute Weisshaar was a blessing for my eleven year old son and me. We had an eneureis (bedwetting) problem (almost every night) and got it under control after about 3-4 treatments. The conventional medicine is quite perplexed and hesitant. Bell pants are horrible and do not grab the problem by the root.
    At the same time, Ms. Weisshaar has detected a respiratory tract infection tendency (nearly every cold/running nose nestled in the frontal sinus) of my son and permanently eliminated. I can’t recall getting through the winter that well!
    My conclusion: Even though it may be difficult for some people to understand that “simple touches” can resolve many years of health and mental problems, I would recommend anyone to put their doubts aside and give hnc a chance. The costs of the sessions is well spent, saving time and money for expensive therapies.
    Thank you, dear Ute Weisshaar!

    Uta G., April 2018