• Irritable bowel, dermatitis, neurotoxins

    For several months I was in treatment with Mrs. Weisshaar because of different, at the time. chronic complaints that I got all rid of. After an unsuccessful clarification of all conceivable causes, I got the diagnosis irritable bowel from the doctor I was with and, was left alone with it. My complaints affected me so much that I had to cancel appointments and postpone holidays.

    After several weeks of hnc treatment, my digestion is working wonderfully until today. Same with an itchy skin eczema that tormented my palm. Cortisone cremes and various skin remedies did not help. Only Mrs. Weisshaar freed me from it. Various stress symptoms, nervousness as well as an inner zoster virus she got quite quick under control.

    I will be treated by Ms. Weisshaar whenever necessary. She quickly finds out where to start and takes care of the problem sensitively and competently.

    Angelika H.