• Healing of inflammatory, chronic intestinal inflammation (ulcerative colitis)

    “AWESOME, I’m overjoyed”.

    After certainly many years (I don’t remember how many years anymore), I have been confirmed a few days after having done a colonoscopy – the doctor’s own words: “I definitely can not detect any intestinal inflammation (in the colon).” About two years ago, I learned through a routine colonoscopy that I had severe bowel inflammation. First, I got the usual conventional medicine and the symptom “inflammation” disappeared, but not the cause. That caused the inflammation counts to go up again. I had chelation with an alternative practitioner (heavy metals discharged), and was tested for possible food intolerance and antibodies in the blood. I was given all possible remedies (homeopathy, etc.) for the intestine – without any success whatsoever. Finally, I came to Mrs. Weisshaar through recommendation. After about 8 treatments I am now cured! Without medication alone with hnc. Very important: Do not be confused when during the healing phase the values rise up – as it happened with me. It is a good sign according to the BioLogic healing knowledge. One is usually completely healthy within a few weeks.I am very grateful, Frau Weisshaar, because I assume that nothing else would have helped me. I was at the end of my wit. Therefore, I do not only recommend Ms. Weisshaar with hnc and her healing art, but also because of her compassionate nature and her ambitious efforts to heal every client.
    Stefan Back