• allergies

    25 years ago, the plague started with hay fever coupled with allergy to apples and all nuts. All those years I could not eat raw apples with pleasure. Then I heard about Frau Weisshaar in Stuttgart and her hnc therapy. I could not imagine anything like that, researched the Internet and read that allergies can be treated well with this method.

    For me, the explanation of Mrs. Weisshaar was more understandable:

    Programs in the brain go wrong, are infected by “virus” – as in a computer quasi-they must be re-loaded to work properly again. That sounded logical to me. We started the treatment and after the third session I already ate a few pieces of raw apple right there with no side effects. After further sessions, I was able to eat three different kinds of apple right after the treatment – no itching in the throat, no burning, nothing – a great feeling!

    Thus, I can recommend the hnc treatment with Ms. Weisshaar – it is relaxing for body, mind and soul and it helps with allergies. I can eat now certain nuts and apples again, with no side effects and all without any medication.
    Gerda B.